My services to expand your venture...

Keeping in mind my target audiences i.e. micro and small enterprises as well as academic and research institutions, my service offerings are specifically customized for them. Moreover it is a well proven fact that every single venture requires special attentions to its own demands which originates from their respective industrial background, product portfolio and their respective customers. I try to do an in depth analysis of these aspects of any venture to find out the best suitable services required to provide new ways of expanding that venture.

Thus most of my service offerings are aimed to provide custom tailored solutins for each venture. In doing so, I try to provide the required solutions based on the following key aspects.

Website Development.

Website maximizes the opportunity to showcase the products and other offerings of any venture. It is the most cost effective solutions to reach to the world. Moreover websites are also the cheapest in terms of their recurring cost in compared to other printed promotion materials.

While trying to provide website based solutions, I try to make sure that they are presented in a way that they are properly presented and efficiently delivers its message to the audiences. Based on the natrue of the venture, the content of the website can be dynamically chagend either on user preferance or as directed by other parameters. Also the contents of the website are required to coded in such a way that they does not eat up too much of bandwith.

Client and Content Management.

A Web-based platform for efficiently and independently (independent of web-developer or any web-development knowledge) managing (addition/deletion/update/ alter/modify) your website contents. This facility would enable you to keep your website always updated in a way that you find most suitable for your venture without being spent any extra money. This helps you to make the most of a common platform (the world wide web) with the lowest recurring cost.

Customized for MSEs.

A complete setup to provide paperless management of your venture. Daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly/quarterly or yearly review of your client/custormer addision or alteration, return customer manager, payment manager, payslip generation, tax-invoice or cash-memo gerneration, product and other resources management.

Customized for Academic and Research Institutions.

Teachers / Faculties background data, contacts, specialization; Students / Staffs / Scholars ID details, address, yearly progress, attendance record; Events details; Results publish; Better parent-teacher association; Past teacher/students/staffs/scholars biodata and their current affiliations.

General Services.

Logo, Business Card, Banner, Hording designs that are required to successsfully complement your efforts to popularize your venture. Workstation, Deskop, Laptop hardware, software and accessories consultancy and solutions to fulfil technological requirements of your venture with the maximum cost to benefit ratio.